Where Are The Men?

Men mess things up. I believe the cause is called Ego. It is not that the ego phenomenon is not common in women, we just happened to be more inclined to be egoistic idiots. So when a man enters a family setting, as it is unfortunately becoming the norm, we mess it up. Men have put pride before family, men have walked out on people they swore to always love just because they disagree with them. Libido has been put before brains and has caused kids to grow up without knowing that fathers can be faithful. Tough love has never been softened and has always been viewed synonymously with hatred.

But you know all this already don’t you? 
I don’t want to spew rhetoric so I will go straight to the point. This world needs the men to come back. 

A child should never be told to look after the mother because the father is M.I.A. 
The wives need someone to talk to late at night and little junior won’t do anymore because he doesn’t understand anything.
We need the men who swear to love not with their mouths but with their lives, not on the altar but in the oven.
This world needs the men to come back and support their wives, be at their kids football games and attend their graduation. 
This world needs the men who live by the creed, “family first!”

Nobody has time for boys and surely nobody has time for an embodiment of testosterone who won’t show up.
Nobody has time for estranged fathers and delicate paternal relationships, life’s too short for that.
This world needs men to stop drowning themselves in alcohol, and washing their sorrows away with “recreational” usage. 

We need real men. 
Men who bear-hug the fear away  
Men who laugh us into joy
Men who cry to show love
Men who only death will do them part. 

In loving Memory of 
Emeka Iwchukwu.IMG_2866.JPG


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