My Beef With Nigerian TV stations

1. NTA

Have you ever seen the background of NTA’s 9pm news? It’s horrible! It looks like someobody threw up. (Ok it doesn’t but you get my point). I have been watching NTA news since I was born (because my mother hardly ever misses it) and I have never seen a very clear NTA channel. Their video resolution is always somehow. The picture quality is always poor. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a black and white TV or 3D tv it’s the same nonsense. Need I mention their news is a joke. It wasn’t always a joke, but now it is. If it’s not “President Goodluck Jonathan, today…” It’s one minister or one governor or something else. I wonder if they are capable of reporting anything other than government propaganda. By the way, can someone tell them to stop wearing that traditional attire, it’s too much.

May I ask why they are always winning best TV station? They should rename the station to Channels news Tv, because if it’s not “normal news” it’s, sports news, or entertainment news, or one kind of documentary that was shot in Japan in the 1990’s. The only time non-news lovers can find something to watch is the old movies they show by 11pm (when sleep has already finished slapping someone). 

3. AIT
How many years has that their theme song been running marathon. 
“Mama, papa oh,
AIT na we station…”
Let me just leave them and move on.

4. LTV

Lagos tv is a joke! I have been to their station, it is in the 80’s. The sets are archaic, the equipment are something else, their programming is meant to facilitate sleep. Kai! Dey no too try oh!


MITV would have been a great tv station in the 1960’s, but today, like LTV, everything is antiquated.



I have no beef with ONTV, their programme is wonderful for entertainment. I only wish they could move to DSTV platform.

Alright to be fair, I am aware that these tv stations are “severely underfunded” and so they may not have the resources to compete with the likes of Their counterparts in South Africa and across the world. While this maybe true for stations like MITV and LTV, stations like channels, AIT and perhaps NTA have no excuse. The amount they charge for adverts alone can…that’s all I am going to say. 


4 Replies to “My Beef With Nigerian TV stations”

  1. Truuuue talk! Especially NTA! When my mum tells me to change the tv station to that, I look for an excuse to leave the sitting room. It’s just whack!


  2. I’m no fan of Nigerian stations either but…

    1 NTA is a national, government station. Of course it is propaganda. It’s like if I open a tv station about myself, wouldn’t I want to talk about mostly my good work? Most state-owned stations are like that, not just in Naij.

    2 Channels wins best tv station cos it’s progressive & innovative & most importantly: consistent. And even I can admit that. You may not like news but that’s their niche. Just like how different bloggers write about different types of subjects.

    3 What’s wrong with AIT’s consistent theme song? Having one song for so long unifies it, like both children & adults can sing along, you get? Like saying Superstory should change it’s song. There was a time they changed but it didn’t work out for anybody.

    4 Yh, you are being harsh cos it takes a LOT of capital & training & yearssss to build good tv networks esp in Nigeria, but I understand you. Yes they’re annoying, but there were so many other points & solutions you could’ve proffered for it.


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