My Mothers Baby Boy

Yesterday, I met up with my mum (I prefer saying “mummy”, but all my friends said its childish). It was the first time I had seen her since school resumed almost a month ago. I must mention this was in church and she was sitting some what close to the front of the church and I met up with her at the back of the church. If you have ever been to Faith Tarbanercle (Headquaters of Living Faith Church), you know that the distance between the front and the back of the church is a semi-long walk. 

Back to my gist. My mum and I got to talking about how I had been a bad son, not calling her and all that, then she was hugging and rubbing my face, pulling my cheeks and all those things mothers like to do when they haven’t seen their children in a while. 

The thing is all this was going on in front of about 10 of my school mates (I have no idea who they are except for the fact that they are girls) and it was “bad” for my PR (because I am single with a difference). While I was trying to get her to quit rubbing my face, it dawns on me, that this is the only mother I will ever have. I’ve lost my dad, she’s lost her husband, her kids are the only reason why she wakes up every morning. A little face rubbing won’t hurt.

As God would when Bishop Oyedepo starts to preach, he says “…at some point all of us will become orphans, it’s just the natural order of things.”  

So I just want to take this post and appreciate my mummy and all the single mothers like her, those that can’t afford to put food on the table, those that barley manage to and those that do with relative ease. The widows, the divorced and the unmarried.

It’s not a crime to show a little love to the single fathers, trying their best to give their children a comfortable life, to keep them happy and give them a bright future.

Show some love to your parents today.


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