I wonder what they spoke about at lunch

We are the church


You know the story: a short man, a tall tree and a miracle worker. Jesus had a reputation a someone who did miraculous things. He made blind eyes see, lame people walked, lepers were cleansed and even the dead were brought back to life. Zaccheus had the reputation of a shrewd, stingy, but rich man. He was also rather short. And then there was the tree.

I’m not sure what caused Zaccheus to hitch his robe up and climb that tree, but I do know that he was desperate. Being a tax collector, it stands to reason that his wealth was amassed by dishonest means. Maybe he felt guilty. Maybe he was tired of being a slave to his wealth and his reputation. Maybe Zaccheus realised that the wealth he thought would bring him happiness only brought him misery. I know that he was willing do do whatever he needed…

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