Stop There! Your Life is Fake

It’s not the fact that your hair is fake, after all whose isn’t? It’s not because you went under the knife to augment your mammary glands of your maximum gluteus. Neither is it because you started bleaching your skin.

It’s because your character is fraudulent. If EFCC were to arraign it in court it would probably have over a hundred different counts of corruption and falsification. You’ve imitated so much that you no longer are an original. You’re wearing what you hate and dispose just because Kate and Amaka are wearing it. You said you are trying to adapt, but we both know you passed the threshold of adaptability a long time ago. 

No one has ever been to your house because you are ashamed of it. You want a bigger one, who doesn’t? Be happy with what you have. It’s not like Kate’s own is any better, you have a gate, she has a guava tree for security. Did I mention your car? Stop parking it blocks away from church and claiming you are exercising when you really just don’t want to park your 2006 Toyota next to Kate’s 2013 Honda. The funny thing is, Kate prefers your Toyota! 

Stop forming stories of your “vacation to Bahamas and Dubai” when the only flight you’ve ever been on is a Chachangi airlines flight from Lagos to Kaduna. 

Stop answering your phone in private! Stop hiding that Nokia C3 in front of Joseph when he is holding his new iPhone. Just stop it. If Kate and Joseph cannot accept you for who you are, what you have and where you’ve gone they don’t deserve you as a friend. 

Just stop lying to everyone and most importantly stop lying to yourself. Be original, be proud.

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