Are The Chibok Girls Ever Coming Home?

Months have past since the faithful day that over two hundred school girls where kidnapped by Boko haram in the middle of the night. There was a brief period of silence as if we were praying that it would all go away. Then there was the activism explosion on social media and an invasion of Nigeria by every international media association known to man. All that has died down and understandably so, with the spread of Ebola no one is too eager to take a flight to Nigeria. 

I am not interested in any arguement with anyone, I don’t want to know whether Oby Ezekewsili and the BBOG activists are jobless or extremely sympathetic to the plight of the parents. I don’t want to know whether the money GEJ gave the Chibok leaders was delivered to the parents or it was (as our custom is) embezzled. I really don’t want you to lecture me on how “bring back our girls” has “died down” with your sense of self righteousness as if you were ever part of the supporters. 

I am not interested in whether GEJ and his idiotic cronies know where the girls are, I don’t want to know if it is APC or PDP or even APGA or Justice Partythat took them. I could care less about your conspiracy theories. I am unconcerned as to the “confidential” military operations that are in place.

All I know is that there are parents of over 200 girls who cannot sleep at night because their daughters haven’t come home and they are not even sure if they are still alive. I know that some of those parents have died both emotionally and physically because they are heart broken. I do know that there are men and women we call soilders, corrupt or not who put themselves in harms way in Borno state so that you in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Calabar can sleep with your two eyes closed and complain about NEPA and Ebola without worrying about a bomb detonating. What I want you to do for those families is to say a prayer, that whatever God you believe in will save those kids, 

Before I drop the Mic, don’t even tell me “I think all this Chibok girls gist is fake” because that is the depth of the whole in which you live. The world doesn’t revolve around the mainland and island, there are real people who don’t pray for light, but rather that someone with a mask and a bullet will end their lives.

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5 Replies to “Are The Chibok Girls Ever Coming Home?”

  1. Lets just wait for God’s intervention,i cant really picture the truma those girls would be passing through!!!its really horrifying…


  2. All I can think of saying right now is we should all say a prayer for all those girls as u earlier said Ugo and hope that God will take control……


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