My Dear Tribalist

This Arguement has been on long before Nigeria’s independence. It seemed to climax during the Biafran War/ Nigerian Civil War, after that it just became something we all “got used to.” Whether it is the argument that “Yorubas are dirty”, “Igbos are Money-centric”, “Hausas are dull” or even “Edos are all witches” we have all heard them before. Time has seen the sentiments metamorphose to include statements like “let the northerners just go, we will be a lot better without them.”

We claim we are not tribalists because the word “tribalist” like “racist” is not a word you want to be used in any 30 second biography of yours. However, you still don’t want to marry an Edo woman because you are convinced that there must be a witch in her family, yet you have forgotten there are witches in yours also. 

You are too quick to point out that Yorubas are dirty, or maybe it is that you are too quick to forget that the word “neat” has never been associated with you in all your years of existence. Yes, The Igbos and money. Those greedy people. Sometimes I wonder if it is that they like money a lot or you aren’t just focused enough to have the kind of business ideas they do. Why not set up your own business and give them a run for their money. Besides none of the top 3 richest Nigerians are even Igbo. 

And of course why wouldn’t we want the “dull” and “corrupt” Hausas to go, they’ve ruled this country either as the No. 1 or No. 2 Person since 1960, yet the north is still the most undeveloped  place in our undeveloped country. Permit me to ask you this question, if the northerners are so “dumb” why hasn’t anyone been able to lead this country as long as they have? Why do they have so much influence on everything? Why are the “smart” tribes not smart enough to lead with minimal northern influence or even equal influence?

I could go on and on engaging in this yo-yo argument, but that will just be dancing to your tune and I honestly do not have the time, patience or stamina for that. I do think for you to consider another tribe superior to your country, you ought to be charged for treasonable offences.  

Anyways what do I know? I am just blabbing. 


3 Replies to “My Dear Tribalist”

  1. Very nice article!..
    Now I feel a little guilty,I’d change my perspective on some issues from today!..I think iv been unknowingly tribalistic!( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡) .


  2. I wish i read this article earlier,all the same,it’s a wonderful article and about tribalism its really true coz my dad actually gave me options on the tribes to marry from…buh thanks for changing my opinion…keep writing its interesting!!! Weldone


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