Mass Failure In WAEC…What Else is New

Over 1.6 Million people wrote WAEC this year with just a little over five hundred thousand passed with 5 credits including maths and English. They say that it’s roughly 31%. Last year it was 36% and the year before last it was 38% therefore other things being equal we can expect next year to be worse of than this, maybe just 27%.

Each year we have this discussion, mind you we never have it before people write the exams, only after. Back to my point. We always have this discussion and look for who to trade blames. The teachers say it’s the student, the student says it’s the teachers, the parents say it’s the teachers and government. The only result at the end of the academic confab, we keeping getting better at failing WAEC. 

Something is fundamentally wrong with both the examination system as well as the student preparation. I see no logical reason why a student will have to remeber word for word (as written in the syllabus and represented in the marking guide) many things they learnt over a year or two years ago to write an exam into a higher institution where 70%-80% of what he is asked in WAEC is useless and 99% is not used in daily professional life. Did I say learnt? I meant CRAMMED. I also do admit that students are not as focused and diligent as they need to be with social media and all. I will leave government out of this so I don’t turn this post into a full length book.

We need examination systems that test the basic and most important knowledge not academic jargons memorised to pass SS1 third term exams we need adequate infrastructure and maintenance culture in our schools. What in the world is alternative to practical? It’s either theory or it’s practical. If you ask me, aptitude should be integrated into our examination system. 

Anyway that’s just me, what do I know, I just talk to much


2 Replies to “Mass Failure In WAEC…What Else is New”

  1. The problem is that students of nowadays don’t study properly for their exams and they like to blame WAEC for their failure and some students would love to study but do not have good educational facilities.Students should study to know/understand not to cram or study for the prize/competition in school or to get an high grade.
    I always got a D in chemistry in high school as i tried not to cheat/cram and i got a B in WAEC (SSCE) because i studied to understand and i learnt from all my mistakes before i got to the exam hall… God help us students


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