My Take On Ebola

1. This disease is not a joke. People should stop spreading all these kolanut and salt and water solutions. The fact that someone sent you a BC telling you a crazy cure for Ebola doesn’t mean you must rebroadcast it. Let the bulk end with you, literally. And of course let personal and environmental hygiene become your middle name. Especially all you…

2. Why all the fuss about Donald Trumps statement and Ghana banning their flights. Every country has a right to defend its citizens and borders. Nigerians need to stop thinking that the western world and our “African brothers and sisters” exists to help us, let’s fix some of our own problems for a change. Perhaps had we shut down our boarders aerially  and tightened land boarder security we might not be in this predicament. I wonder why our borders are still open, there are 170 Million people at risk of a DISEASE WITH NO CURE! 

3. I do find it somewhat eye brow raising that shortly after two American doctors contract Ebola, there is an experimental cure, serum or whatever you wish to call it. However, I am also suprise that considering the amount of time Ebola has been around, no vaccine or medication that can either cure or assist in health recovery has been discovered by an African. Once again we were caught waiting for “oyinbo people”.

4. I am really contemplating starting a wardrobe of gloves, long sleeves and face masks. I pray it doesn’t come to that.


2 Replies to “My Take On Ebola”

  1. Number 3: Nigeria needs to develop capacity. Why should everybody else find the solution while we sit down and watch. We all have educational systems, we all have the same brains. Its just about who is doing a better job of putting 2 and 2 together. We are failing seriously at that. What happens if other parts of the world refuse to share their resources with us? Food for thought.


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