Tips To Becoming A Better Writer

In the short time I have been writing I have discovered that a lot of people cannot write. They are literate, fluent in English, some are very eloquent but have difficulty writing. So I have decided to share my vast experience or inexperience (anyone you choose is fine with me because I am still learning) with some of you that “can’t write”.

1. POINT DE CORRECTION: If you can read, chat on BBM, whatsapp, Facebook or tweet for hours on end without appearing to be a complete idiot you can write. You have just never tried.

2. Think of writing as talking a little slower and with your fingers instead of your mouth. If you are shy then imagine you are talking (in this case writing) to a single person. Simply put, imagine your write-up as a monologue chat.

3. You have to have an idea. People get frustrated and think they can’t write when actually they are void of an idea or adequate information to write on. If you have both and are still frustrated. Do yourself a favour, pretend the back space key does not exist or better yet look for a topic you are very passionate about and start writing on it. That should help build “good writing esteem.” That being said,

4. Minimise the Backspace. Stop hitting the backspace every nau and then. Finish the write up, if you don’t like it, put it aside and start again.

5. Writing is an emotional expression, write what you feel not just what you think, you can edit later. If you are still a newbie writer start with write-ups on topics you find passionate. Like I said before it builds “good writing esteem.” If you are insecure show your write ups to family members (they should be the nicest), if you are bold enough to take critism venture into new waters, email to friends, start a blog show random people.

6. Read other peoples write-ups. Read and observe the writing styles of other people. As for me my go to site for writing inspiration is, and Anyways that’s just me.

Well, try out the steps, and let me know how it goes.


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