Dear Future Children

Dear children, 
You definitely are not born yet. You are somewhere in heaven enjoying yourself as I write this. I am writing to tell you how I am trying day by day to be a good father by the time you get here. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that I have already made or might make before you arrive. I would prefer you came to me as a father having your mother as my wife not just a baby mama, because I want you to know that though life is hard, families ought to stick it out to the end.

To my son or sons,
I want you to eventually grow up to become men as opposed to just growing up. Because REAL men stand by their families till their last breath, real men do not treat women as a sexual objects but as a revelation of beauty. My sons real men have integrity, the norms of the times not withstanding. Real men are faithful to one woman. Real men put food on the table and when they can’t for one reason or the other, they make sure they are a source of strength to the women who do.

To my Daughter or Daughters,
The times here are getting tougher for girls, but yet hope reigns in the horizon. I pray when you get here that no man or boy puts his hands on you. That you are not a victim to the sexual perversion of some half baked idiot. I want you to grow up to be an independent woman, a woman whose interest in marriage is not to supplement her income but to complement her personality. That being said be weary of the sweet talkers, but run after the man with actions to boot. My daughter I pray that you will find fulfilment in life and one day when you are ready you will have children of your own.

I have a lot more to tell you before you get here, but in the mean time keep having fun with your friends and Jesus. Don’t forget to get as many talents as you can before you come here because you will need them.

Your Future father,


8 Replies to “Dear Future Children”

  1. Am in tears…dats aw much dis touched me… U ar realy a great person…i 1t u neva to forget dat… Its so so lovely…so so so gud..


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