Dear future husband


I am not promising my future mother-in-law and I will always leave in harmony.
I am not promising that I will not talk to other men or hug them or even receive their calls (if you like don’t work on your jealousy)
I’m not promising you that I won’t get offended when you do things to annoy me neither will I smile with you all the time.

But I promise to love you with all my heart giving you listening ears, feeding and spoiling you with variety that you never know what to expect at the dinner table.
I promise to always be honest with you. I promise to always pray for you and our children raising them up in a godly way.
I promise not to run my mouth in public places about the things you do or do not do for and to me.
And also I promise not to leave your side especially when you need me the most.
And most importantly to stay beautiful for you even after it makes your friends green with envy.

Your Future Wife


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