Imagine A World

Imagine a world where people actually cared.
A world where your phone rang because someone missed your company not just your pocket.
A world where your personality and not your financial resources determined your social status.
A world where a hug wasn’t followed up by a Favour.

Imagine a world where politics took the back seat and sound logic was allowed to reign.
A world where people didn’t have to die so that someone could make more money. 
A world where those who fought for what was right in public did so in private.

Imagine a world where people were not casualties of wars they did not start nor ask for. 
A world where differences where settled with words, not fists and bullets.

Imagine a world where a child didn’t have to pick between his father and mother.
A world where children were not caught in family conflicts they could not understand.
A world where Daddy wasn’t a cheat and mummy wasn’t going through a nervous breakdown.

Imagine a world where no one worked because of money but passion and calling.
A world where school certificates meant more than a qualification for a job interview.
A world where career success wasn’t because of who you knew, but what you could do.

We weren’t born in such a world.
But it doesn’t stop us from trying to create one before we die.


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