Dear Future Wife

I cannot guarantee smooth sailing all through our marriage, but I guarantee that I will love you with every single cell in my body.
I am one of those guys who still see marriage the traditional way. Just me, loving you  till we grow old and die. 
I don’t care whether you have or would have competed in any beauty pageant, to me you are the most beautiful woman in the world, face, shape and all.
An embodiment of grace and jaw dropping beauty, that’s what you are.

I honestly would care less about what tribe or social status you are from, all I want is your character, beauty and intellect. 
You ask if I want kids. Of course I do, little critters that we call our own, that we will love and train and watch them grow up.

Dear future wife, I will not promise you breakfast in bed everyday of our lives, but I promise to do my best to make your life a bed of roses everyday. 
I will promise never to cheat on you or betray you.
I promise never to lift a hand at you or even raise my voice.
I promise to be the listening husband and not just the rambler.

I know these are mere words of the page of a blog, but when you meet me, judge for yourself where my heart is at.
I look forward to meeting you one day,

Your Future Husband,


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