I Hate Nigeria

I Hate Nigeria.

Why? You ask.
Let me ask you some questions.
Does your generator run more than PHCN gives you light? Of course it does.
Yet you still receive a bill every month don’t you? Sure you do.

Did you get a job right after you graduated? Shut up and don’t lie because I was part of the people praying and fasting for business breakthrough on your behalf you!

Don’t even tell me “we” are the people to change all this.
Because “we” are high right now and drunk beyond stupor at the same time.
“We” are the people who said the same thing decades ago but today steal the money that we vowed to use and change the country.
“We” are the people who haven’t figured out how to pass WAEC and JAMB and keep failing better each year.
“We” are the people who can’t afford to get and education because when ASUU is not on strike they are busy increasing the school fees sky high.

So just shut up your mouth and go! It’s not like I didn’t catch you scamming your parents last week. Mscheeeew!!

A Frustrated Nigerian.


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