“Go To School.” How hard can it be?

They said we must go to school, that education is the key.
They said to get good jobs and better our lives we must go to school.

But nobody told us we would have to sit on the floors in school, and use building blocks as support for our beds.
Nobody told us Mosquitos would have us for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Nobody told us that using the toilet was a straight road to the hospital.
Nobody told us that JAMB would frustrate all our efforts even after we managed to pass Maths and English.
Nobody told us that our teachers and government multiply our duration in school.
Nobody told us we would have to satisfy our teachers sexual and financial desires to obtain the piece of paper called a certificate.
Nobody said anything about increasing our school fees inconsiderately.

Nobody said anything about how difficult it was to get a job.
Nobody told us that if you didn’t have a masters you were unqualified and if you had a doctorate you were overqualified.

All they told us was “go to school”, we did and now we wonder why, because we never used what we learnt in school.


3 Replies to ““Go To School.” How hard can it be?”

  1. as in… SERIOUSLY. They would be hammering upon us to go to school like say we won’t make it at all if we dared not to. *sigh


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