Akpo: Their Mothers Are Still Crying

Dear Akpo: 

In a few days, by It will be 100 days ago that they were taken from their school beds in the middle of the night. No one is sure about their mental, emotional and health states. I even heard some of their relatives have passed away due to the emotional roller coaster they have been through. 

The government doesn’t want to admit it, but we all know it. They are frustrated. It is understandable because this will be a tricky predicament regardless of the country. Preventing it might not have been so tricky for any government but well, this is Nigeria. Our government is now lashing out as it struggles for air. They are using PR firms as lying equipment. They are playing blame-game politics with the few Chibok activists left.

Yes Akpo, I said the few activists left. Many of them have given up. Someone even told me that he was tired of the bring back our girls “crap” that he was seeing on Facebook and twitter. I wanted to explode in anger at such a statement but I held my cool and I will tell you why.

The why is because he had an apathy to the girls. He doesn’t care, after all his family is safe in the village, within their castle walls and security convoy. Maybe it is because he has acomfortable life.  I am still amazed how a Pakistani Muslim girl, will leave all the comfort that has been provided for her and come here with the mantra that “my sisters are missing”. Yet, out of the nearly 170 million Nigerians, I doubt you will find up to 1 million who even dedicate a tweet, picture, a status update or a blog post a day to these girls. 

Their excuse…”ehn shebi CNN is no longer covering it now? It has died johr.” My response, “Is CNN Nigerian? Do they live here? So if they did not cover it in the first place you will not say what happened was wrong abi? You should be ashamed of yourself!”

Another excuse, “what does social media do sef? It’s pointless?” My answer…”when you got 2000 twitter mentions on your birthday and 5000 posts on your facebook wall were you happy or depressed? Didn’t you like the fact that people cared about you and remembered you? Abi it put money in your pocket? Mscheeeew!”

I don’t care if you choose not to affiliate yourself with any state or even ethnic group, it is even better at least it will reduce tribalism. But for the fact that you live within the borders of this country either temporary or permanently, as long as you have a conscience and especially if you have a religious affiliation, you have a God ordained duty to mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who do same. 

Get of your high horse because the next Chibok road could start from your door. God forbid. Show you care today, show you can remeber, log in and save a life today. You never know maybe like Cornelius of the bible, your prayers and alms or in this case your prayers and tweets will come up as a memoria before God.



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