Akpo: “We” Cannot Save Nigeria!

My dear Akpo, I am so sorry I have not been able to continue our correspondence for some time now. Truth he told. I have been very busy with work lately and have only just found time to write to you. 

Akpo, I am loosing faith in our country. I have in times past revealed this growing frustration to your Aunty Tejiri. She is a sincere woman and a lot more optimistic than I am. I told her “the list”. You know “the list” don’t you? That never ending list of complaints about Nigeria, NEPA, Boko Haram, corruption and on and on. She told me if we work together we can fix it all. 

While I do not doubt the power of “we”, the power of coporate focus and unity, I must ask, who is the “we”? Who is this we that must join hands together and save Nigeria? Is it the same we that came together of form PDP as a party for that is yet to produce a Saviour for Nigeria or the same “we” that came together to form APC as a party with no other aim than to dislodge the PDP. 

Is it the same “we” that murdered four innocent boys in public based on false allegations? 

Is it the same “we” that leaves corruption as the only mentionable legacy after 8 years in power or the same “we” that offers family members and friends for sacrifice to balance bank accounts?

Is it the same hypocritical “we” that is quick to tell government how to do its job but cannot keep a single family unit in order? 

Is it the same “we” that picked up arms against their families and friends in the name religion?

Or is it the same “we” that sees nothing but “me” every time the “we” are suppose to be working together? 

All I want to know is, who is this “we”?

I wonder whether this “we” is the “we” of government or “we” of people. Either way, I don’t have faith in this “we”.

Akpo! Hear me and hear me well. THERE IS NO ”WE”.  It is not “we” that will fix this country it is “you”!  Just “you”. Akpo! There may not be a tomorrow if you and I keep waiting for this “we” to show up. There is no need to join hands together, it won’t work! After all too many cooks spoil the broth and this broth has been spoilt along time ago.

 Rather, there is a need to become one hand! Akpo, We need just one man! One man with a voice loud enough. We need a Nelson Mandela, an Abraham Lincoln, we need a Manhtma Ghandi, a Mother Teresa, we don’t need a “we”!

Akpo! If you have never heard it before, hear it from my mouth, Nigeria is a sinking ship and it dosent need a good hearted captain, it needs an experienced captain, a veteran, a capable captain. Understand Akpo, there is surely a need for a crew to salvage the ship, but what good are they if there is no captain to direct and give command.

Nigeria has gone past the stage of “we are the future of tomorrow”. There is no future, there is only now! 


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