Let’s Be Honest, Is There Hope For Nigeria?

You go to conferences, and your fellow African intellectuals – and even heads of state – they all say: ‘Nigeria is a big disappointment. It is the shame of the African continent.’

Wole Soyinka

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to live in Nigeria as a developed country. It is a question I cannot really answer yes with absolute conviction. 

Perhaps we get rid of boko haram and every form of terrorism, will we ever be able to provide electricity to every home at every hour of the day?

Will we ever be able to raise our standard of education considering since 1960 it has done nothing but fall or stagnate. 

Will there be a time in this country when it is free of tribalistic sentiments both on our streets and in chambers of government?

Will there be a time in this country where the roads to every city, town and village whether in the north, east or the south do not require you to visit a mechanic before and after you drive on them. 

Will there be a time in this country when you can go to any university and expect to spend your stipulated years without an ASUU or ASUP interruption?

Will there be a time in this country when citizens will only be able to discredit a leader on his policies and not his corrupt tendencies?

I want to know, if there will be a time in this country when all out markets will have a semblance of sanity and not just a refuse dump or a fly party?

Will there be a time in this country when quality education not just some nonsense that the government cooks up, is accessible to everyone irrespective of the spoon you were born with?

Will there ever be a time in this country when Nigerians vote based on personal and collective conviction and not thuggery compulsion, stomachial situation or partisan coercion?

I just want to know if there is hope for a man and his family if they are unable to seek greener pastures across the border to have a good and fulfilled life?

I want to know whether a time will come when Nigeria will go beyond “developing her agriculture” and oil to include more lucrative income sources like technology?

I honestly had something else in mind when I started this article, but honestly I just want to know…


7 Replies to “Let’s Be Honest, Is There Hope For Nigeria?”

  1. There will be that time when all we wish will no more be only wishes bu reality but dat time can only come if me and you put hands together to bring it to pass


  2. The problems facing Nigeria can be fixed. I think the main question is are we ready to fix it? There are too many people who gain from the instability and corruption in the Country, and those people are at the helm of affairs and will do anything to keep this chaos going.

    Nigeria won’t change until Nigerians wake up and demand more from themselves and the government.

    Very nice write up Ugo


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