NEPA, Boredom, GOtv: The Story So Far.

H-I Never H-espered This
-One Random guy with ‘H’ Factor

NEPA, PHCN or whatever it is called now and I usually got on very well in the last 10 years of my life that I was away from Lagos. On my return a few months ago it seems my childhood rivalry with NEPA had been renewed. I mean, I am treated with disrespect. They take the light in the middle of football matches and at the climax of my favorite shows. They don’t even have the courtesy to take it during the commercial breaks. Lyf in 9aija sef. I don’t even want to talk about them always taking light when rain is about to fall. It’s like they have it on automatic switch.


I initially anticipated that this holiday would be interesting. It’s the exact opposite. I have lost count of the amount of mini-concerts I have done In my bedroom with the mirror as my only audience and the torchlight for a microphone. (Don’t even say anything you’ve done it before!) I decided to read novels and I would read them till my eyes started paining me just to avoid boredom. I played games with similar results. So far the highlights of my day has become watching the World Cup and CNN news centre (with generator of course).



The person that thought of GOtv had a brilliant idea but in the Euphoria of the Eureka moment he got carried away before the idea finished saturating his thoughts. Imagine watching the World Cup at the peak of the attack when the goal may just come. Suddenly you see “searching for signal”  flash across your screen. By the time signal is found, they have scored and finished showing the replay. Enough said.



Anyway hope you are having more fun than I am and please don’t  forget to leave a comment and let me know how you are doing I have nothing better to do than read all day.


One Reply to “NEPA, Boredom, GOtv: The Story So Far.”

  1. Lmaoooo..Nepa is disrespectful to almost all Nigerians. And now that our great government has sold our birthright in exchange for some pottage,its worse….*sighs* pele ehn.


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