Diary Of A Budding Lawyer

Dear diary;
I was coming form the place where I went to check someone who
does and teaches wireworks,coming back on the bike I felt happy and
very satisfied,and the next thing I felt at the back of the bike was a
hard bump! and everything spiraled out of control!I opened my eyes to
see my self on the floor!at first my brain was totally not
functioning,I guess I was in shock. Then I tried to raise up my head
to ascertain my position when someone across the road yelled that I
shouldn’t move,that was when it dawned on me that I had been involved
in an accident. Ohh boy!..was I scared or what!!!

People started running towards me and they helped me up,I felt
pain all over my body and I cried while strangers dusted my clothes
and sat me down on a stool. I couldn’t even hear what they were
saying,my mind was else where!…MY SKIN!..it has so many scars,and
I’m trying to work on how to evict them and then THIS!…I wept for a
little while more and looked around me!that’s when it came,the anger
and the rage at the stupid and dramatic fool of a man that was driving
the car that hit the bike! Was I mad or what?!! Some people started
blaming the bike man because they said “okada hausa ma n
dangerous!(Hausa bikemen aren’t cautious)” The poor hausa man couldn’t
convince them that it wasn’t his fault and I was too emotional to
speak(iv learnt during my short time on earth,not to speak when I’m
too angry,happy or anxious..lol..who’s with me?).

Trust Yoruba women now!..One woman had already started telling a cock
and bull tale about when she hit one bike man!!(Like I cared)…
Mtcheeww…. I was too pissed. One nice guy(God bless him) helped me
massage my ankle and wrist while the owner of the car was muttering
some dirty words about taking me to the hospital!

I’m too cool for my own good,because I just stood up and told
another bike man to take me home,I thanked all the people there and
ignored and hissed at the foolish bike hitter like he was a
plague!someone suggested that he take me home and I refused!why would
I want to entrust my life into the hands of such a big fool! The
yellow monkey dint even have the common sense to pay my Transport
fare!I just went home and left him to God. Oops,I forgot to tell you
what he was doing when he was driving that made him loose
focus……guess..HE WAS TEXTING on his blackberry!!!( ⌣ ́_ ⌣ ̀) and.
no,he dint even have to tell the crowd..I saw him…and I dint even
confront him!!! I still don’t know why I did that.

But now that the cloud of anger has passed and my mind is
clear!..I REALLY thank GOD for sparing my life,because many people die
from such encounters but God sustained me and made me healthy enough
to eat Semolina with all gusto,wash plates like a pro and clean the
car like I’m the Boss of all them carwashers!!
And now I can actually L(augh) O(ut) L(oud).

By Tosin


2 Replies to “Diary Of A Budding Lawyer”

  1. A very nice article. More of this and keep it up. Who knows…? You might end up as another Chimamanda Adichie…!!! Kudos…


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