Dissecting Jonathan

Within the past two years as I went through the the academic rigors of being an International relations undergraduate, one of the most profound lessons I have learnt is about this legendary Character-Capacity dichotomy. I realized that in politics the character of a leader especially one in a position of power is never or hardly ever truly known by the public. There might be a machiavellian façade or an angelic one and ometimes it might be a semblance of the actual character of the leader while other times, it might be as polarized as north and south.


One thing I do know is that the perceived character is usually defined by the efficacy of the leaders policies in the sense that, an effective state governor, one that provides the good life to his or her people may be viewed as an angel when in person he is permit me to say, hitleristic.


Now I do believe it’s possible and even arguable that Mr. President is a good man and one with some degree of sincerity honesty and intergrity in his heart (at least when he came in as acting president). However I do also believe that it is inconceivable that on a scale of 1-10 for anyone to rate Jonathan above a 5 for capacity. Let me first state that even the most capable leaders across history and around the world today are often faced with issues that just won’t go away, for example America’s Former president Lyndon Johnson and the Vietnam war.


Jonathan on the other hand for the majority of his term in office has been rocked by scandals that were either his handiwork or caused by the lack of character and capacity of the members of his administration. Let’s go on a quick trip down memory lane.



You remember Janurary 1 2012, I am sure you do because it was that day that a large number of Nigerians began to reconsider not just their choice for Jonathan as a president but also the viability of the bicycle as a means of transportation for obvious reasons. That was all Mr. President’s fault. Needless to say Nigerian streets were relatively free except for the activities historic protest.

ImageA few months later there would be the MAU Lag scandal which was really unnesssary and somewhat conceived by…well I don’t just know what uncle Jonah was thinking. Why would he just rename a university after a man who already had a polythecnic named after him not to mention it was an arbitrary action.


Don’t forget the presidential interference in the Nigerian governors forum, then there was the Jonathan-Amechi, the Stella oduah car scandal and yes the non-implementation of previous agreements with ASUU (by the way Jonathan was Vice President when the agreements were enacted) which led to a historic 6-month strike which further led to an increase in marriage and abortion rates across the country. And I didn’t forget the missing funds and subsequent sacking or “suspension” of Sanusi.


Finally we have Boko Haram which is really in my opinion the first and only major problem that Jonathan had nothing to do with! Now, while naturally I would want to be sympathetic to Jonathan because I do believe he is a good man but unfortunately in my opinion has insufficient capacity to rule this nation, his disposition at least at first has reflected his lack of understanding.


Remember the Nyanya bombing on April 13th, of course you do, it was horrific. The next day, Remember where Jonathan was? Definately not in Abuja. That day was the 14th of April, the same day the Chibok girls were kidnapped. Had Jonathan been more proactive about the Nyanya bombing and the Chibok girls kidnapping the number of people that want his head on a platter would have reduced. But no!


Someone was told me that she is sure that the Chibok kidnapping would have been treated by Jonathan as “one of those things”. Unfortunately this isn’t “one of those things”.  Eventually when the #bringbackourgirls campaign got every major international news agency knocking on the presidents door, he realized his trusty but rusty PR machinery, which just ended up making Labaran Maku trend on twitter for being utterly embarrassing to all Nigerians.


My prescription would be some serious and fast capacity building or he leaves cause the we things are going we need God to survive 2015




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