Tejiri: Church Hunting

 Dear Tejiri, 

How are you? It’s been very long indeed. As you know, I recently moved from Abuja and as part of the rituals of settling down I am looking for a church and I was wondering if you could recommend one for me. It’s not that there are no churches here, it is just that despite the fact that these churches are anointed, welcoming and have very caring people and pastors many of them have a certain common denominator that I am finding increasingly perplexing. 


Tejiri you see, our churches have developed a certain nonchalant or fire brigade approach to certain issues that cannot be immediately said to be “spiritual” in the traditional sense of the word. Let me make myself clear, I am NOT undermining the “spirituality” of our churches or our pastors, they do it very well and perhaps even are among the most devoted men of God on the planet but they often forget that although we are inextricable heavenly progenetarial and have it as our ultimate haven we are presently occupying terrestrial space.


Take this sickening Chibok incident. It had to take not just the kidnapping of the girls, but subsequent bombings, time lapses and heavy international media presence before many churches even thought of raising Boko haram as a prayer point. The pastors and congregation may have been praying individually but NEVER as a church. They quickly forget how that just a short while ago Boko haram were not kidnapping girls, they were bombing and having target practices in our churches, killing our pastors and our christian brethren.


I am looking for a church that teaches people life skills. A church that doesn’t wait for our government to thoroughly embarrass itself before the senior pastor will remember to tell his teenage congregation that they are the leaders of tomorrow. I am looking for a church that convenes services on democracy day and Independence day to educate it’s congregation on the importance of quality leadership. I am looking for a church that doesn’t wait till Easter or Christmas to give to the less privileged. 


I am not looking for a church that enjoys the publicity of philanthropy but a church that shares the love with and especially without the camera. I am not looking for a political church and certainly not a church with a big building filled with spiritual but empty skulls I am looking for a church with spiritual and equally educated or rather informed minds after all Jesus had a certified medical doctor, a seasoned fisher man, a chattered accountant who handled his treasury as well as an economist who was a tax collector. If Jesus himself had lectured the theology professors at age 12, imagine what he could do at age 30! 


Please Tejiri let me not overburden you with my personal preferences, I hope you have been hearing from Akpo. Enjoy your weekend.




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