Childhood Fears



Children are scared of many things. For many of them what they are scared of is determined by their socio-economic state. Less privileged children are sometimes scared each and everyday of loneliness, hunger and sometimes the day itself. Rich kids are scared of clowns, mascots and what we in Nigeria call Ojuju Calabar. 

As for me, I was never scared of such. I had just two fears in my life. The first was my childhood fear of the ’eminent’ divorce of my parents because I had secretly misplaced my Dads wedding ring. I thought my life would end if he found out. 

 My second but most prolonged fear was caused by Nollywood. Nigerian movies scared me. Whenever my elder cousins wanted to watch a Nigerian movie they would send me to sleep. My fear for Nollywood was exasperated by Alex Usifo and a movie called blood money, although I cannot remember who acted it.


 Funny enough Liz Benson didn’t scare me I just though she was confused in the upstairs department. The mans voice was what I imagined the devil to sound like. I remeber one instance where I was so scared I ran behind the chairs to aviod seeing the Tv. Today I actually do think very highly of Alex Usifo and I wish my voice was like his. 


Besides Nollywood some Hollywood movies destroyed my emotional happiness especially the first installments of Planet of the Apes and Behind Enemy Lines. Planet of the apes scared Fire out  of me. I could just die. Till today I am scared to watch any planet of the apes. I don’t understand why anyone would imagine a planet where apes rule and humans are slaves. 


Kai! Olorun Maje! 

They did not even try to enhance the apes! They were ugly! I get goose bumps thinking about them. In fact, I have to end here and go and watch something.  


One Reply to “Childhood Fears”

  1. Rotflmao!…i was scared of swallowing the seeds of fruit thought they would grow in my belly and also watching spiderman…twas creepy…felt webs coming out of me…but it looks cool now.


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