Akpo; Tribute To The Troops

Dear Akpo,


I must sincerely apologize for my long absence. It appears I may have fallen victim to some kind of writting barbitude. Over the course of the last few weeks a lot has happened in this nations history. A lot that I fear will be expunged from our history as soon as the conflict is over. Akpo, this country has developed a fear of history, a fear of knowing. It has an agnostic attitude that has caused many to be forgotten. 


Akpo, this country underwent 30 months of civil war yet there is no record anywhere of those who fought and those who died on either side of the war! The total number of casualties has been lost in the annals of history. The children who never grew up because of a war they did not start nor could they comprehend were never recognized even if only by accurate casualty figures. Instead we reconstructed, rehabilitated and reconciled without recognizing, rewarding and immortalizing those who had died for us. 


The condition is so critical that in all my years in school, in the millions of times the teachers and lecturers came and still come to class and write or mention the topic for the class NOT ONCE HAS IT EVER BEEN ‘THE CIVIL WAR’! They say they don’t want to awaken tribalistic sentiments, as if the sentiments were ever put to bed in the first place. 


Come with me to the similar parallel that is today, it is unclear the names of the soldiers that have lost their lives or their limbs to Boko Haram, it is unclear the police men that have died because despite their poverty inducing salaries chose to serve humanity and especially Nigeria with their lives. We do not know neither do we ask. We have become insensitive to their plight but adept to postulate thesis on their inefficiencies. Yet we forget that they have families to feed and the family loves them. We forget that. 


Akpo, I once asked myself if I could die for Nigeria. My answer was an emphatic no. My reasoning was very clear, it was because it would have no impact, it would change nothing. Don’t misunderstand me, I would fight for Nigeria, just not to the extent of getting physically hurt. This country has never given a disposition that warrantes such. 


Last week, I watched the opening of the 9/11 memorial museum on CNN, I heard as survivors told their story, I saw as simple everyday tools like shoes which were worn that day were put on display. There were records, photos and videos of those who losses their lives whether as workers in the trade centre, the pentagon, passengers of the planes and the first responders who died were put on display. I saw as people your age came to see  the pictures of their fathers and mothers who had died that day. Unfortunately I had to remind myself that such doesn’t happen here.


Akpo, God bless the Nigerian Soilders past and present, God bless the police officers past and present and God bless the families of the victims of Boko haram. 





2 Replies to “Akpo; Tribute To The Troops”

  1. Nice work as to DAT point an activist I must say, I would lyk to knw you more and wat you think could be solution to Nigeria’s problems. DAT is if you jst don’t only enjoy de fun of writting all kind of stories you feel lyk but are up to something. Tell me wat Nigeria needs and hw far have u gone in de change you hope.


    1. Joshua,I believe what Nigeria needs is Good leadership. I also do believe what Nigeria needs is beyond good people in government. I believe we need CAPABLE leadership, people that are not just responsible but equipped mentally and physically and even spiritually to handle this country. The situation Nigeria finds herself is tricky for an country. That’s part of why I write to build EVERYDAY leadership CAPACITY in my readers


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