Nigeria Maps

Neal Rauhauser

Spurred by this recent map of Boko Haram’s area of operations in a recent update from the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium, I decided today would be a good time to collect some maps of the country.

Nigeria Boko Haram TRAC 5/2014 Nigeria Boko Haram TRAC 5/2014

You would need a TRAC subscription to read the article on Boko Haram’s diverse criminal enterprises, but I have been paying attention to illicit networks since I read National Defense University’s Convergence, and my own TRAC contributions are centered in this area.

I have seen speculative maps showing a three way partition of Nigeria. This is not unprecedented in African affairs – Sudan freed itself of constant counter-insurgency (good) but created an instant failed state in the form of South Sudan (bad). Just look at the distribution of people, oil, and Islam in the nation of Nigeria.

Nigeria Sharia Nigeria Sharia
Nigeria Population Distribution Nigeria Population Distribution
Nigeria Vegetation Nigeria Vegetation
Nigeria Ethnolinguistic Low Resolution Nigeria…

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