How UBA Helped Me Loose Weight


About a week ago, I decided I needed to withdraw some money to use and facilitate my Easter merriment. So I picked up my ATM card and headed to the ATM machine. After all the formalities of typing my pin and the amount I was shocked when I was told by the ATM machine that my financial institution was unavailable. That was Friday last week. 

Till today, my financial institution is still unavailable. It is not even that one that is perturbing me. It is the fact that I am still yet to per take of my Easter merriment and Easter has past. To further worsen matters, after I had become a diligent adherent to Sanusi’s cashless policy for nearly a weak because of obvious reasons, for the past three days the P.O.S terminals or machines have now joined the financial gadget strike. 

What I am essentially saying is that UBA has been forcing me to eat only the bread of life for the past one week. It is so annoying after I carry my maximum gluteus and roll my way down three flights of stairs to go to the cafeteria only to see about two gentle men and three ladies sitting around a table with the P.O.S terminal on the table as if they are having an intervention for the machine.

Please if anyone will not say it I will. UBA customers are hungry and this isn’t good for the ministry especially as we move to the permanent site. Yersterday I wore a T-shirt that normally would reveal my protruding abdominal mass only to discover nothing was protruding. 

The irritating thing is that when you get to the bank the UBA Staff will be displaying a very stupid idiosyncratic attitude as if you are disturbing them. Maybe they think we enjoy their excuse of a bank.

This country! May God help us. In the mean time I am going to scavenge for divine providence of nutritional Value aka. Food!


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