Dear WiFi


Dear WiFi,
You and I go way back. Since my sophomore year we’ve been best of buds. I believe I have been very patient with you. I don’fall your hand, I used and still come and browse everyday, but you, you have always been giving me attitude and it’s no longer funny.


You decided to only give me 4GB, I didn’t complain. You became slow, I surely had to complain. Since January I have been using less than 1GB for a whole month because you keep wasting my data with your snail speed. Sometimes you even refuse to allow me log in. Of recent I have been logging in but you have refused to grant me the right to commune with twitter. My BBM has turned from instant messaging to email. Uploading on my blog now is a delicate situation if not my data will waste. Sometimes I have to log in and out over and again before your brain boots.


Although at the beginning of this month we mended fences and we were having fun from my room, since Easter you have become something else. I couldn’t even send Easter greetings because of you! What did I ever do to you! All I did was browse! Is that so wrong! 

Please wifi we don’t have TV and this is exam so there is no time for movies and series, I need you to coperate with me so I can do what I need to and get back to my books. I would love to hear from you.


Your Frenemy,
Ugo Talks A lot.


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