Akpo: The Struggle For Attention


Only a meagre amount of people go through life without dreaming they were the celebrities, the icons and the news makers. Everyone at some point or another wants to be a reference point. Some of us want to be able to sit down in a congregation and hear the speaker eulogize us. We wait for the day when we return to find that in our absence a degree of pandemonium had broken out. It’s natural after all we are human. 

The first thing is where do you want to be relevant? You need a niche. What does your HQ do. You most definitely will need branches but what is your centre. What’s the number one of all your dreams, the centrifugal force that keeps your vision running. 


To me it’s ironical how such external reverence and respect costs so much internal stretching. For you see, no one goes to England to preach in French and receives a standing ovation. Why? Because the message was not understood. Also, even of all that go to England to speak in English not all are given standing ovations, not all are called upon to speak again, not all are asked questions. Some are scorned, some are humiliated and others are treated abjectly because, not all words are needed, not all speeches are inspiring and not all personalities are relevant. What I mean is that you must be a cut above your competition to remain relevant. You must be at the too of your game to continue to inspire.

Akpo, talent is no longer enough. Skill is needed. No one cares if you were born with a football, can you play better than your competition? If you were born singing its irrelevant, how good a singer are you? There are many make-up artists but what makes your work different? What makes your food, your clothes, your photos or even you? Akpo, don’t even tell me it is God because that was said of Jonathan in 2011 and he ended up just the same as the rest of the old geezers that have led this country with all it’s spasmodical antecedents 


Finally what need do you seek to satisfy. No one cares about you that’s reality, those that care about you are using you to fulfil a need of relationship and companionship. That is why your siblings suddenly take the backseat when you get married and have children. The thing with people is that they are stingy- everyone including you. If you give them what they want and what they need they will hound again and again till you are tired. When you do for people what they cannot do for themselves they become your publicists and the only salary they require is you to keep doing what you do.

Your Uncle,
Ugo Talks A lot 


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