Akpo: Sparring Partners


Dear Akpo,
The slightest glimpse of her used to pause your world, you would freeze and in frantic efforts attempt to escort her with your physcial presence when visual escort wouldn’t suffice. You would enter the mall and rather than think of what you would get for yourself you would think of what you would get for her even when you had no money. You couldn’t explain why mere proximity turned your world around. You called it love- love. That “feeling” no one can explain and resist. 

Now it appears that the feeling has dwindled. The euphoria of love has run ragged. How else can one explain why the love of your life has now turned into the greatest asset to your heavy weight boxing title. She is now your sparring partner though she has no equipment to perform that role. She is your trash can for which you dump all the frustrations and disappointments that life in its wisdom has dumped on you. Physical confrontation has become your past time, it’s your means of communication, others may talk in words but you talk in punches.


I wonder is it that the cancer of love has been cured or the fact that your account has depreciated in value that caused you to become what you are. So because you are loosing weight you must make her swell to maintain the weight balance in the house? No one thought you were this type of a man or did we all know it and hoped you would change. I would have thought that domestic violence was beneath you but apperantly I was wrong. How do you live with yourself everyday after you hit that woman. She has done nothing but wrong but still you find nothing  right in what she has done. 

So you hit her everyday. I wonder does that make you feel like a man? Why not go and try out your physical energies in a bar fight whether  you we live without an increase in the size of your eyeballs. Stupidity is what is wrong with you. I am very sure you have a mistress somewhere. Akpo, because of what you have done to that woman, hell fire is too good for you


Akpo is a fictitious character from my imagination any resemblance to any actual person is purely coincidental


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