Impersonating the funeral

“When you were born, the world laughed. Live your life in such a way that when you die the world will cry”. -Middle Eastern Proverb


Imagine if you could attend your own funeral maybe even be able to read minds. I wonder whether you would leave happy or disappointed when you see the harmony or maybe disparity between what people said about you and what the same people thought while they were still speaking. 

Imagine if no one steps up to your loved ones to tell them how much you changed their lives. Imagine if the only people that cried over your grave where friends and family no mentees no recipients of your good will, no admirers.
Imagine if your burial was very brief because people had other things to do.
Imagine if your family dividing the spoils of your labour without appreciating the dignity of your humanity.
Imagine if no child would grow up and wish you had lived longer so that they may have gotten to know you more.

I wouldn’t want to be remembered because of the money I made but the lives I touched.
I wouldn’t want my children to think of what we never had the opportunity of doing, but what we did in the time we shared.
I wouldn’t want ‘gone to soon’ written on my burial poster. 

Death is never a pretty sight, it sometimes robs us of the very essence of which we live.
It tears us inside out.
It makes us realize the every life situation is better than death.
It teaches us to save our money and spend out moments.
It teaches us that love is more expensive than luxury.
Death is a battle we will all face and loose.

We will face it,
When we face it, 
How we loose,
And what we leave when we loose,
Are all that count.


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