The 4 Questions that have made me Pause

1. What is it with UBA ATM’s?
Ok so I was broke ‌and urgently in need of the financial services of the ATM. So what do I do? I grab my ATM card and walk down from the mountain of 400 floor that student affairs thought it wise to put me on. Upon getting to the ATM I meet the usual long line. I quietly locate the last person and insert myself at his back. After about 7-10 minutes I am free to proceed to the ATM machine, but I notice about two people looking disgruntled and semi-depressed, an obvious sign that hunger is perusing their stomachs. The common denominators, they have both used the machine, they both didn’t get money and they are both using UBA. To cut the long story short, I insert my UBA ATM card, fill in my pin and the ATM screen tells me that “financial institution unavailable, contact your bank”. The really annoying thing is that it is SUNDAY! So I resort to spiritual means. Eventually I get my money. #anointedmanofgod.

2. Boko Haram and Jonathan who is worse?
This week there was a bombing in Abuja, the next day over a hundred girls were kidnaped. Later we discover that our president was in a PDP rally and is engaged in a newspaper beef with Rabiu Kwakanso. I wonder is Boko Haram really worse than the Jonathan, seeing as we put him inside office. He keeps doing it. He was be having meeting with AGN (actors guild of Nigeria) while Boko haram invaded a village earlier this year. The man is a complete moron! In a short while he will announce his re-election ambition having done nothing to secure this country! His statements at the Abuja bombing were sad, all he could say was Boko haram was temporal! IDIOT!

3. We are moving again?
So September last year was very memorable for me because, I MOVED TO LAGOS! The thing is I HATE LAGOS! I hate hold-ups, I hate crowds in fact I just hate lagos. Anyway I was just informed by my mother that we are moving again. So I find myself pre-occupied with what the house is going to look like, neighbors, how do I aviod people and all other introverted stuff.

4. What is the knew definition of cheating?
I was reading the latest set of #Tifespeaks tweet and it was  about cheating. I was happy because I had been confused by this generation as to what cheating was. I grew up knowing it in its most basic form to be taking out of the emotions you have for someone and giving it to another person. But now, it’s till you sleep with the person or date two people simultaneousl. So I wonder is cheating sleeping with someone else or having another crush when your boyfriend is still alive?


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