4 Things That Annoyed Me This Week

WARNING: This Post was delibrately unedited so pardon any grammatical errors. 

So here’s the thing, I am running on limited MB, so if you are a cu student and feel like donating your MB to further the course of my educational endeavors I mean joblessness  and browsing  just leave a comment and I will get back to you. Anyways here are the top things that have been bugging me in the last week. 

1. I have a “crusher” I don’t know. 
Someone on Ask.Fm told me she or he  has a crush on me. Here’s the thing, if you are not giving me your name I don’t want to know. Are you taunting my single life? What did I ever do to you to deserve such emotional torment, please oh! I need to move my ministry to the permanent site and you will not block my signal. àmí órukó jèsú! (Pardon the Incorrectness of my intonation marks)

2. Why do some girls buy food for their whole hall?
On Wednesday I went to the cafeteria at my usual time to aviod human traffic. Upon getting there,  I respected myself and went to queue behind three ladies who from the looks of things came together. After standing in a line of 5 for 10 minutes it dawned on me that the three ladies in my front where discussing with the “people we buy ticket from” about the all the possible Permutations and combinations of which they could use N50. As soon as that Maths problem was solved they commenced the ritual of buying two packs each. As a gentleman I kept quiet but was fuming inside. To cut the long story short, I spent 30 minutes buying food in caf when it was practically empty! I wanted to strangle those three girls and I still do! The next day, the exact same thing happened again! Then send una! I no want oh!

3. Facebook lies a lot.
Just a few minutes ago, I read on fb that The Rock was dead! I wouldn’t have given it a second thought if I hadn’t seen the rock post a promo picture of his new Hercules movie in a later post. Here’s my annoyance it isn’t the first time people on Facebook want to feel up-to-date. My friend check CNN or Reuters or any sensible news website before you feed us with your bread!

4. Ask.Fm is bitter-sweet.
Personally I think it’s just a place to annonimously  iust confront people you don’t have the impetus to confront in person. How will you be asking someone if they have given ***** before, if you want just go to a brothel and pay. Enough said. 
Also I do enjoy the concept of looking for My friends trouble and them coming to meet me to give  me the gist of my orchestration. This doesn’t mean I am the cause of all your troubles oh! Just 5%.


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