Abraham Meet Luke Skywalker

Yersterday I had the opportunity (actually I was bored and didn’t feel like reading for exam) to watch two Star Wars movies. It wasn’t untill I had finished watching the second one when I began to think that God began to prompt my heart. 

The story goes that there was a prophecy which was a predestination for Anikan Skywalker. The prophecy was said to mean that he would be the one to restore balance to the force (the spiritual realm) and bring an end to the reign of the sith (the bad guys). Unfortunately, Anikan yeilded to the deception of the Sith Lord and ended up becoming evil and did the exact opposite of his predetermined destiny. 

The ironic thing is he became evil with a good intention which was to acquire enough power to save the love of his life and their unborn child. It would eventually be that unborn child actually one of the twins- Luke Skywalker that would fulfill the prophecy.

Now as God began to prompt at my heart he showed me a story that was similar but not entirely the same in the bible. 

The bible recalls in Genesis 11:31 that Terah who was Abrahams father took up his family and proceeded from where they were in Ur and started the journey to Cannan. Eventually he would stop at Haran and die there. It would be many years later that God would speak with Abraham in a manner that he would not be misunderstood or ignored (the loud voice) to leave Haran and head out to a land which the bible eventually reveals to be Cannan. The same cannan that his father was headed to initially. I wonder how is it that Terah just knew what to do and Abraham needed to be ambushed to know the same thing? Now this is what God told me. 

The whole father of many nations destiny was not for Abraham, had it been why didn’t he just come with the name Abraham instead of Abram. The change of name, was the official handing over of his fathers destiny to him. I do strongly believe that Abraham was to have been to his father what. Lot was to him. But his father messed up. 

Abraham like Luke Skywalker was meant to be a mediocre just a normal guy in the grand scheme of things, Terah and Anikan on the other hand where the predestined ones, the champions of history, they for whom the world had been waiting for. They failed themselves, their destines and a lot of people. Including me because I was just vexing as I watched the movie. 

Destinies can be lost by you without external interference, just you is all you need to destroy yourself not the devil or some witch. 

Also, these stories tell us that though our parents may have failed and our greatest fears have become becoming like our parents. It’s so bad that we wiegh everyday and wonder how much  we behaved like our father or our mother and we get scared when we speak like they speak or act like they act or think like they think. 
Luke and Abraham are letting us know that those traps are escapable and genetics can be beaten.

Your Uncle,
Ugo Talks A lot 


One Reply to “Abraham Meet Luke Skywalker”

  1. It’s Anakin not Anikan wasn’t destined to be the chosen one it was Luke. Anakin only seemed to be the chosen one because of his high medichlorian counts which functions as a persons potential to lead. Luke had a higher count and the death. Anakin(darth vader) saves Luke in the end. His destiny in the end was to save Luke and in turn restore the balance not be the chosen one.
    Destinies are not what we tend to term a success. Stephen died so Paul could rise to prominence.


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