Kate! So You Have Now Become A Prostitue

Kate! What is wrong with you! Have you no sense? How did you become so nonsensically benighted. 

I was minding my own business in the office, when my PA brought me unsolicited gist. How is it possible that three of my interns have all slept with you! How it is they do not know we are related could only be God! It’s been two weeks since I heard your tale and I have been keeping it to myself, but as your uncle I have thought it wise to talk to you rather than go straight to my brother. 

What changed you? You used to be that adorable girl but now you are prostituting yourself with drop-outs and undergraduates. The worse part is they are not even fine! Haba now Kate!

I called them into my office and have since dismissed them but not before they told me your escapades. In their words, your “gist has cast”. I believe that means your prostitutory prowess has trended around your campus and is no longer news. The worse thing is that all a boy who wants to have sex with you needs to do is buy you dinner! Are you so cheap?

Do you honestly think that hose boys care about you? You are merely another sex toy in their arsenal. They have sex with you then tell everyone, all the boys will be looking at your maximum gluteus and be wondering how many boys have infiltrated the sanctity of your vagina! No boy or man in the world has respect for any girl that is gotten cheaply! If you could only know what those boys think of you after you have slept with them. 

Or is it that you are feeling good. They are giving you sugar and it is sweeting you? Let your father get you first. You will be shocked to know that old school metal chastity belts still exist.

Kate I am not writing to condemn you but I must express my pain and disappointment. My brother and his late wife trained you better! You trained yourself better! What happened to all the bibles and books you once held so dear. What happened to my little niece that grew up loving God to the envy of all of us. 

Kate your gist may have casted but you haven’t! It’s not too late to change the narrative of your life and your PR. Kate your father must not hear this because if he does one of you may not be alive to make it to your graduation and it most likely will be you. Please get help. Go and meet Akpo unfailingly this week. Both of you should go to your schools chaplain or councellor. Akpo must follow you and give me feed back. You have one week if not your father will hear this!

Your Uncle 
Ugo Talks A lot.


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