The Devil in Friend’s Clothing

You used to be a sweet kid, ok not exactly sweet but you were a whole lot better than how you are now. You have just changed. It’s not that your fashion sense doesn’t make you look more like a lady it’s iust that everything good about you has eroded. 

You used to be truthful to everyone and even yourself but now the devil is jealous because his lies are not half as good as yours. You used to be dependable but now I can’t trust you to hold my hand not to talk of my secrets. When I prayed for my friends in times past, I thanked God for you and asked for grace to be like you but now I ask God to help you aviod hell fire. 

The worst thing is you may not even know but I believe you do. You used to have a place for God but now you barely  have a place for the book that is your bible not to mention the person that is God. Yes you do look more beautiful, but you sound shallow and unwise, your words disgust those who knew you before. Your commonsense has been dramatically downgraded to refined stupidity. 

You used to be chaste but now you are a modern day prostitute who sleeps with the highest or finest bidder. Everyone is talking behind your back but you have no idea. The same friends that got you into this now think you are a deceitful slut. 

I only hope that you realize before it’s too late that the author of the downhill trend of your life is that devil you call your friend. 


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