Silver Spoons In Plastic Plates

From the untraceable and incomprehensible origin of God, we understand that God existed before existence itself existed. I wonder how it is that nothing existed before him neither did anything come into existence alongside him. Probably that is why he is God all by himself.

From the annals of time to this spectrum of a moment has it ever been recorded where God did not create an opportunity out of chaos. The bible makes me understand that God does not operate like that. 

When God decided to create the world he did it out of chaos and disorder. He created light out of darkness, he created man out of the dust of the earth, not the sand, the dust! It would make a little more sense if it were sand but dust! That’s something else! It seems that God had a thing for creating beauty out of rubbish. When I read that God created woman after he saw man was alone, I wondered why he did not know before time that man would be alone? After all he knew everything. But God has a pet peeve for ordinary things. Then using a cellular reproduction technique that modern science is still unable to aptly reproduce, he created another living being, more anatomically complex than the first using just a rib!

God always sees opportunities through the eyes of chaos and misfortune he is the standard for optimism! 
When God needed a prophet he picked a liar- Abraham
When God needed a deliverance minister he picked a mudering stammerer- Moses
When God needed to save a fragment of humanity he picked an alcoholic- Noah
When God needed to display great wisdom he picked a great womanizer- Solomon
When God needed a warrior he picked a coward- Gideon
When God needed a church leader he picked a three timing betrayer- Peter
When God needed a disciple he picked a thief who embezzled public funds- Matthew
When God needed needed to take the gospel to the Gentiles he picked the devil’s personal lawyer- Paul

I could go on and on but God never does things without a bang. God always looks for the incompetent, the ignorant, the weak and the cowards. The same thing applies to man God never intended for us to do what he did not. 
God wants us to become rich when we are broke
To become smart when we are certified idiots
To become talented and skilled when we are just ordinary matter
To become kings from beggars
To become employers from employees.

God always creates opportunity in chaos so wisdom demands we look for our golden moments in the midst of confusion. 



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