Akpo! The Embarrassment That Is Nigeria

Dear Akpo,
How are you? How is your wife, sorry girlfriend. Your Aunty Tejiri just returned from her trip and has been trying to catch up on some sleep that she missed. For some reason unknown to me she has been talking about the state of this country and that got me thinking. 

Akpo, dare I say but I am embarassed to be associated with this country. How is it possible that since 1960 there is no light! Nearly 54 years! Where does it happen in the world that a country that is not war torn does not have light! I heard in the news just recently that Nigeria wants to start importing electricity from the Democratic republic of Congo! Do you know what is in the DRC! They don’t have half the resources we have, for the better part of their independent years they have been at war and they have had all manner of devils like Mobutu Sese Seko that have committed all manner of crimes from murder to corruption. I did a little study on Singapore and I discovered that they have no natural source of fresh water and they have to import and ration water throughout the whole country, life there is still better than life here. At least they have light! In Nigeria with all the River Niger and Benue and all the Usman Dams and kanji dams we still cannot provide electricity!

We have become the corruption capital of the world. Mention Nigeria in Europe or America and the first thing that comes to mind is corruption. $10 Billion naira is missing and nobody besides Sanusi has lost his Job! All the money Abacha stole and someone had the audacity, impetus and sagacity to nominate him for a centenary award! And people actually attended that ceremony! Nigeria oti baje! 

Boko Haram kills everyday both christains and Muslims  yet the President can afford to travel to the Vatican. If I were the Pope, I would curse him! It so bad that when I am are reading the news and you see Boko haram I tend to skip it because I have unfortunately become accustomed to it. Let me not even talk about the National conference. How will you pay someone N12 million for just attending a conference that at the end of the day will most likely have no impact! Even if it does have an impact why should you pay that much money especially when you are still looking for $10 billion! 

Akpo, I would like to say our president is mad and call him an idiocyncratic imbecile who has not the commonsense to pertake in the most basic level of mental activity. But to call him that would be a progression in incomplete truths. What of the bootlickers in his cabinets or the incompetent excuses for human beings that have pervaded the. Nigerian government since 1960 till today. 

Akpo, this country does not need an army of activists or protesters, it needs just one person with enough sense and thick skin to slap commonsense and true national orientations into our skulls. We need a Nelson Mandela, a Ghandi, an Abraham Lincoln, we need a George Washigton, a Rudi Gulliani who is ready to get down with the people to make things work, we need in a sense move beyond Tafawa Balewa, Awolowo and Azikiwe, Akpo we need a person like you!

Akpo I cannot ask you, nor even tell you to die for your country because it will be a waste, but I am asking you to fight to save your country from itself. Akpo I have delibrately chosen not to speak to you as one that is knowlegible in the science of politics but as an ordinary man because we don’t need more theories, we need just one man! It may be you, but if it isn’t you get out of the way of the person and get out fast! Because the way. God will punish the wicked in this country will be a picnic compared to what he did in Sodom.


3 Replies to “Akpo! The Embarrassment That Is Nigeria”

  1. If Ken Saro Wiwa saw the present Nigeria in a vision, he would have lived his life to the fullest. This country doesn’t want to be saved from herself.


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