Why I Don’t Have A Girlfriend

The begining of this year saw me making a trip to my village for a rather unpleasant reason. Upon arriving at the village a lot of family members (by blood, association and familiarity) were there. There was little or no need to introduce myself although I didn’t know up to 20% of the people I was always being introduced partly because I am somewhat shy and I cannot speak my native language. However, I couldn’t help notice that when I spoke to some of the people even if the conversation lasted less than 10 sentences somehow my relationship status always seemed to enter. 

Going before that last December, I had the opportunity to stay with my cousins all of whom I hadn’t seen or spoken to in a long time as well. During the period one of my two  best friends who is a girl happened to pay me a visit. The visit started a chain reaction in the house as to the reason why my relationship status was still single.

Also now that I am in school, my roommate who has a God-given talent of driving almost anyone crazy, has relentlessly scrutinized my single status and has tormented me both day and night. It is as if he lives to match-make me. Of course I endeavour to return the favour pound for pound. 

Personally, a few years ago I would have thought that by now the great ‘deity of relationships’ would have deemed it fit to give me a girlfriend. But that obviously isn’t happening. The funny thing is, people say I am so good with relationship advice (I hope they are right) and the only relationship I have ever been in lasted 2 weeks. Anyways I have decided to put to rest the reason why I don’t have a girlfriend.

The reason why I don’t have a girlfriend is…I really don’t know.


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