Tobi! Men Are Dumb

Dear Tobi, 

I was deeply elated by your response to my letter to Akpo. I am deeply glad that both of you agree with the content of my letter. Regardless certain promptings have nessistated me to write to you directly. We are yet to meet but from what I have heard about you and what you wrote to me I do believe you are a woman that holds ethicalness in high esteem. 

Tobi, I need you to understand that men are naturally emotionally unintelligent. Men are stimulated by what we see, besides that we are birdbrained. If we see you showing the same emotions, words and facial expressions that you have shared to us to other men or even women jealousy arises like an uncontainable fire. Also, women are audibly stimulated. Though this has advantages it allows women to be easily hoodwinked by desprate men. 

You see, men may be emotionally unintelligent but  they are ‘smart’ enough to deceive women when they shoes to. Tobi it is therefore paramount as a woman to look beyond the words of your boyfriend and look at his actions and try to determine his innate motivation. I have a problem with ladies that date just any fine man that askes them out without carrying out investigation. The way the world is today, you must go beyond “being close” because people are pretentious. Nobody ever reveals the totality of all the skeletons In their closet on purpose. You can never really know anyone, just the same way your own mother doesn’t know all your secrets. Go beyond knowing the person do a little ‘friendly on-line stalking’, ask around and observe! Don’t fall prey to your boyfriend’s sweet talk every time. Be principled, buckled down and tenacious. Keep your guard up when necessary.

I tell you to keep your guard up only when necessary because men can be stupid. It’s not our fault it’s the bio-spiritual decision of God. While women can multi-task with the left and right sides of the brain synchronously, men only use one side per time. I say this because, while you must be strong-willed in your convictions you must be plain and patient with your emotions. Never assume Akpo heard what you said! Men really don’t listen most times when women talk because men speak in summaries and women in details. Communicate clearly in words and actions. If you don’t like something say it and don’t just frown. If you don’t like the way Akpo talks to another woman let him know and don’t just decide not to pick his calls. Don’t ruin your relationship because of lack of communication. 

I do believe that Akpo is a smart boy, I still believe he needs to grow up and become his own man and I also believe you need to be right by his side, please take care of yourself, I would love to hear from you.

Yours sincerely 
Ugo Talks A lot.


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