Questions I Don’t Know The Answers To

1. What Is Wrong With Nigeria?
 It just dawned on me after the whole immigration exam saga, that there are no jobs, so I have to look for something to do before I graduate because BSc’s and MSc’s no longer give jobs.  Moving on…
…SINCE 1960 NO LIGHT!  NEPA how far you now! 
I don’t understand why we don’t have light, refineries and leaders with commonsense! 
Break, Nigeria will not or rather cannot break. Work well, Nigeria will not work well! WHICH ONE!?!


2. Why Are The African People Just Different?
We have the most naturally endowned continent, we started civilization, yet we are the most backward continent. We have not develop our continent but if it is to kill ourselves, all good and fine. Africans are the most corrupt people in the world. Our own things are just not up to standard on an average basis. Even Internet, Africa cannot provide. 

3. Why Do People Take Drugs And Drink. 
I really don’t know but let me talk from a guy’s perspective.  Why take drugs or get drunk when the next day I won’t even remeber what  I did with the high. It doesn’t make sense. What’s the point? Or is it that girls like it? Plus the money could be spent on actuall FOOD, that will move my  stomach to the next level. I am confused.


4. Why is there no sensible Nigerian cartoon?
All I will I say is if you have watched the cartoon of Supa Strikas, you understand my plight.

5. Why does the average Nigerian book look Horrible
If you have ever walked into a bookshop full of Nigerian books, you may want to throw up. Except for a few the covers  of most are highly unattractive, as if they wrote it for idiots to read. Please if you cannot afford quality cover design for your book only make write Ebooks. It’s not by force. Comply to standard or get out! Stop embarrassing yourself. 


6. Why is Lagos so small on the map and so big on the ground?
I have been asking this question since I first saw the map of Nigeria, yet I have no answers. How can a state be so small yet so big with so many different routes.


7. Why does the new season of Vampire Daires not have an aim?
At first it started with the Stefan-Silas-doppel gänger issue. Then they went to the witch (I can’t even remember her name), then there was Bonnie (who we have not seen since), then the Augustine drama, and now kathrine and Elena body sharing phenomenon, not forgetting the usual dating and breaking up drama. Do they need a new writer. 



3 Replies to “Questions I Don’t Know The Answers To”

  1. Firstly, I hope you enjoyed TVD 5 at last (at least, the last 3 episodes)…let’s hope they’re not that confused for season 6.
    Also, nothing is wrong with Nigeria. If there’s anything wrong, it is with Nigerians. I won’t make this an issue of race, but most people in this side of the world lack the eyes and mind for excellence. They won’t choose what’s excellent – see our consumer market and how we vote people into public offices, and they’ll prefer to use ‘cosmetic’ appearances than do something excellent – check our roads.
    Nice post


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