We-nnovation 2014

These are my notes from the We-nnovation 2014 conference that held in University Some Weeks Ago. 

Topic: Evolve or Dissolve
Speaker: Chimezie Collins (Author: Parents are the Worst Thieves, Hate Schools Love Eductaion make Money).

The major cause of failure is traceable to mans inability to understand the transition in times and seasons. Time has the capacity and ability to affect and alter any knowledge. Every era has it’s own distinctive economic character. We are in an era where credential has given birth to potential, where certificate has given birth to sabificate.

There is a difference between studying to pass and studying to live. Our educational system has been designed to create job predators not job creators. To succeed you need to be empowered by skill. The difference between the African man and The western man is skill and tact.

We need a new type of education. Every year there are about 1.8 M graduates with barely 50,000 jobs available. If you are parading certificate as a key to being a success in life you are already on your way to failure.

Theory compounds, practical expounds. Our schools teach theory rather than self discovery. Students are learning what they do not need to advance in life! When you are faced with the real challenges nobody is going to ask for theory. Education is living to learn and learning to live.

Rather than seek for a job that is barley available seek to invent a product that is unavoidable. Education encourages the degree of your potentials to global standards.

There is no such thing as professional and unprofessional jobs. There are only professional minds. The difference between Tantalizers and iya beji is packaging after all they both cook rice!  It’s all in the packaging! Be Innovative! If Harvard university cannot drive that which is within outside, it becomes a waste of your time just ask Zukerbuerg. A master degree can make you a master disgrace. It’s not about your credential it’s about your potential. Many Graduates live on a fat course but feed on a lean purse. Success is sweeter when younger. Education is what is left with you after schooling stops.

Whoever pays your bills owns your life. Your inner convictions are where your outward manifestation lie.

Speaker: Bankole (Tech Cabal)
In Nigeria Hi-speed broadband is available to about 6% of the population! and internet penetration is about 30%.
Between Jumia and Konga there have made close to $100 M in the last two years. Foot traffic is no longer enough.

Topic: Developing The Thought Pattern for Innovation and creativity.
Speaker: Linus Okore

There is a how to think if you want to become a leader. You cannot witness change untill you change the way you think. My life does not depend on a third party whether it’s government or my friends or my family. Everyone who wants to be. Leader must think in a particular way. One of such is…
Possibilities. The word impossible doesn’t exist in your plans.
A sense of contribution. You can lead without a title. Ask Mother Theresa.
A sense of community. Anyone who has a community mindset is always striving to make a difference.
Value for time. Time is measurable, it’s the greatest resource. The number one enemy of time is procrastination. The concept of “I will do it later” hurts. Purposeless friends kill. Your knowledge base must be very sound. Never ask a man without vision for advice at any junction of your life. If a man doesn’t have a purpose for waking up sleeping becomes interesting. Institutions matter but people matter more. People remember only those who added value to them. Don’t become reactive, become active.
When a person handles capacity to handle his emotions he had great capacity.

Speaker: Kingsley N.T. Bangwell (Youngstars Foundation)
Contact Info: http://www.yiccafrica.org. kntb12@yahoo.com kbangwell@youngstarsfoundation.org
Topic: Of What PEDIGREE

Every society is qualified and recognized by the quality of people. The state of your environment is a reflection of your capacity as an individual.

The way Africa thinks is subservient to the way the rest of the world thinks. The pedigree that is going to matter is the pedigree that can solve problems. The state of Africa is a constant reminder that we need to come up with more solutions. When you solve a problem certain monies extrapolate from other peoples pocket to yours.

It’s time to become the pedigree that solves problem. The only way to solve a problem is to solve the problem.


Joseph set up a 14 year enterprise that fed the world for 14 years.

It’s not about getting an occupation or becoming rich it’s about solving a problem. Most Africans want to offer services but African needs more production than services.

Kunle Gimano
I have been impressed with the urgency of knowing, knowing is not enough we must apply, willing is not enough we must do. There is something about the real world that is different from school. No matter what you graduate with after a few years it doesn’t matter anymore.
You have to first stop the lion the the bear then Goliath – There’s a process!

Speaker: Deji Jinowo 
Topic: Discipline Pursuit of Less.

Talents, passion and markets.
Understand what you are good at doing (Talents), What you love to do (passion) and the people you want to do it for (market).
Clearly define your market. Try and focus on the key things. You Can’t do everything. Work hard and work smart. Dangote may be at his peak now but he has been working for over 30 years. You need passion and perseverance, you need to pay your dues, intelligence is over rated. Take responsibility for your life. Don’t make the excuse that the market is bad. Understand and adapt to your environment. What you don’t measure you can’t manage.

Have a daily stop doing list. Excellence is doing ordinary things extra-ordinarily well, it’s not perfection.
Every opportunity is not your opportunity


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