I Thought Africans Were Stupid

I once read an article written by a Caucasian, it was titled “They Are Still Our Slaves”. That was the first place I ever read the quote “if you want to hide something from a black man keep it in a book.”

Now usually I am not one that immediately runs to the defense of the black man in the sense that I believe we as blacks have a lot to prove to the world rather than rendering a lot of rethoric defending. So, when I read that article I was more motivated to prove myself rather than be disappointed or saddened.

Recently however, which is what brought my mind back to that article I have been deeply irritated by the ignorance and overwhelming stupidity of some (permit me to say) non-Africans. As stupidity is a trait that deeply irritates me I was naturally disgusted.

A short time ago a PR executive by the name Justine Sacco was fired after her tweet went viral. She had tweeted that she was going to Africa and she had hoped she wouldn’t get aids. I was suprised that someone who could climb through the hierarchy of any organization wherever to the office of an executive could be ignorant enough to the point that you thought you could only get aids in Africa. It is unparalleled stupidity.

More recently a woman came out to “confess” that prior to the time she got HIV/AIDS she thought only Africans got it. I wish I was angry when I read that but rather I was amazed at the level of brainlessness that a human being an adult for that matter, was exhibiting. And I thought to myself “I thought they said Africans don’t read?” Yet we know anyone can get aids outside Africa. 

Even more recently Mail Online took a swipe at reality T.v star Kenya and her “African Prince”. I could care less about her reality show or her African Prince. My only question is what part of Africa Did the prince come from? Because the last I checked Africa was not a Country it was a Continent. I wonder how educated people keep forgetting basic geography. The status of Africa as a continent is a question that has come up in a time of zero tolerance for ignorance. It’s almost funny if it wasn’t so stupid.

Also a short while ago, a girl went viral for displaying her benightedness on social media when she expressed her confusion as to how South Africa could be a country inside Africa. 

I just wonder how the “intellectuals” of the world have suddenly become mentally subservient in the issues of commonsense to the “foolish”. Even if we don’t know anything inside a book at leas we know geography and are capable of using commonsense. 

None the less I still hold to my belief that Africans have a lot to prove to the rest of the world! It’s our time, the era of the blacks!



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