Sir! Before You Send Me A Love Letter…

My parents have always taught me to respect my elders and I have always done my best to live up, to the high standards that they set and have continued to set for me. Initially I had decided to make this an utter display of all my withheld disrespect in my short time on this earth. However my parents teaching prevailed.

When I arrived in covenant university I was quickly made to understand the role of your office fortunately for me only by word of mouth and never by experience. I had also observed that the holders of your office usually had a short time to make as much impact as possible, either it is delibrate or coincidental it is utterly irrelevant.

Just a short while ago after I had acoomplished the task of finishing my grueling mid-semester tests I was astonished to see a gathering of people at the sign board of my college building. Later I would be informed that (in paraphrased student speak) “Èyìn  had done it again”. 

Was I shocked to discover that sim-enabled tablets had been prohibited? Not really after all I know the school I was admitted in and more importantly I know what your administration does. Before however you consider sending me a letter of warning ( I mean love letter of course) would you please endeavour to ensure that we have faster internet service provision. I wonder did it ever dawned on you that people would prefer free internet than pay for subscription if the internet was readily available? If I could browse from my bed for free why in the world I pay ( Not to say I pay, I don’t even know how to subscribe for caller-tunes) N2,500 to N5,000 every month when I would rather use the same money and buy bashan or something else that can move my stomach to the next level. 

I came across an earlier letter that prohibited the use of wedge on our windows in the hall and using metal rods as clothing lines for our wet clothes. While I personally have nothing against this as I support it’s basic tenets I do wonder if the windows could actually lock would we wedge them? 

I came back to school to discover computer screens rumored to be N 3 Millon per screen and there was no functioning fan in my room. While we have complained each time the fan is never replaced but just merely fiddled with and with and within days it “re-spoils”. How much is a fan?!?
Let me not even talk about the electric chairs called sockets or the “wonderful” electricity supply that we are so proud of. 

I am not an insubordinate student infact I am a “dead guy” (he that obeys every rule without using commonsense) but I do believe it is important to cover your basis before you impose controversial decisions on a helpless student populace. 


One Reply to “Sir! Before You Send Me A Love Letter…”

  1. Lool!…CU students!. It’s well o. Waiting for the day a student would actually stand up and point out some things that don’t make sense in your school(apart from phones though). It’s too much.


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