Why Do Our Churches Deny Realities

For some time now this question has been nudging at my heart. I have been in a lot of Churches both in number and in regularity. I have watched and listen to a lot of sermons my men of God from varying denominations and yet this phenomenon is widespread. 

There are arguements by some people that the church leaders of today are more interested in account building than the spiritual and physical needs of their congregations. Most times I have found these arguements to be founded on ignorance and personal dislikes of the church leaders in question. However what I have found is that there is a new generation of church that has chosen to live in a cocoon rather than the world we live in. 

Pastors spend up to 30 minutes in a 1 hour sermon preaching on faith and kingdom service and a mere 5 minutes preaching about service to the human race. Churches emphasise tithing and seed sowing but only mention giving of alms as a means to fulfill all righteousness. The pastor emphasizes patience in waiting on God, but forgets that every Sunday there is blood being shed in the car parks because the congregation is too impatient. 

I remember when I was in SS1, my school choir (Technically my school was like a church) wanted to sing a song that had as part of its lyrical composition 
“God be praised…and untill my dying breath.”

I remember our choir master demanding that we changed the lyrics because we were not praying for deaths and while I do agree with him that no one should pray or anticipate death, I disagree on the tenets that death happens. It happened to the family members of my set mates even while I was in SS1. 

Also more recently my present choir had a song within it also with lyrics describing the death of a loved one and how you must bounce back and solider on. The choir directors had it changed from death of loved ones to failed tests because we were not mourning. The funny thing is I was mourning the loss of my father. I could care less about failed tests! It’s unscriptural to base sermons on the belief that such bad things don’t happen.

I discovered that while Boko Haram a few weeks ago was on a daily killing spree producing tens and hundreds of deaths. My church or rather my spiritual school never once and is yet to bring up a prayer point concerning the state of the nation. Not only that we have never been urged to even papray about it. Forget that! It has never been mentioned! The only thing they pray for is for “staff, management, and student. Spiritual selfishness. What happened to the Nigerians in the north!

Please understand me. I do know that a lot of church leaders bring these issues to The Lord in their own quiet time but we need to bring them to the altar. We need spiritual socialization. We need spiritual politics and spiritual advocacy. I am not advocating for an overt participation in politics by churches but let’s create awareness from our pulpits. 

Let our churches go beyond classes for new births and speaking in other tongues and move on to grief counseling and capacity building. 


3 Replies to “Why Do Our Churches Deny Realities”

  1. I love the way you think. I also wondered when we were going to pray for the present state of Nigeria, and it so happened we only did because some “summer exchange” students couldn’t come over, and it directly affected our school so yes it now concerns us. Also, the correct expression is “I couldn’t care less” ; this is to say that you care so little that it would be impossible to “not care” more. Unless you actually meant “I could care less” that is you have some interest. Sorry for the lecture


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