Reverse Decisions

There is a phase in your life that you must make that decision that changes everything. Most people run away from this stage as long  as possible. Many make the wrong choices and a lot more have a temporary motivation to pursue that decision. 

When your life makes a nose dive, when you are no longer as studious, or detailed as before. When you have lost all your enthusiasm and have been reduced to a mere spectator in your own life a point comes when you must make a tough choice. To be who you were or to progress from where you are. Would you rather be that disciplined Joe or the clumsy Joe.

See what people don’t get is that when you have gone far for who you once were, when you have lost all the standards you once held dear, it’s harder to turn back. Like the biblical prodigal son, it is the dawning of the reality of the pigs sty that brings us to this point. 

A pertinent question that always arises is how? How do you change from the complacent figure you are to the epitom of pro-activity that you once were. How do you move from the financially stupid fool that you now are to the competent economist you used to be. The truth, your downfall didn’t happen in a day so also your rise won’t happen in a day. Although you used to do all the big tasks, prolonged prayers and extra-work hours, you really in some ways are no longer that person. You have to start afresh. You can’t jump back into that skin. It doesn’t work that way.


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