My Secondary School Destroyed My Emotional Life

I will not mention the name of my secondary school (because you people already know that) but all you need to know is that it is a christain school and I sometimes miss it and sometimes hate it.   

When I was in Js1 girls were far from my mind. The sermons we heard every morning didn’t even help matters. Some teachers wouldn’t allow a boy and a girl seat on the same chair when we had combined classes and not enough seats. But some teachers did allow that anyway. One particular time I sat on the same seat with a female classmate I knew I was not in class. It felt so awkward and wrong. [Hey! Don’t judge you may have been as stupid than I was in Js1]

In Js2 or Js1 I am actually not too sure, a boy and a girl were given indefinite suspension for kissing. They were in SS3. 

In Js 3 the Prinicipal called my set for an emergency meeting and they called out a list of people who were allegedly dating. Funny thing is 80% of them were just good friends that people always match-made.  I also had a friend named Bassey who was dating a girl who would later become my friend. I sort of distanced myself from him because I felt he was committing an unpardonable sin. There was a girl that crushed on me and when she told me it was like a confession to placate my anger. I must have been so stupid that some girls actually saw crushing on me as a sin.

In SS1 there were two other boys besides me in my class as I was in art class. I was indirectly trained by my female class mates in the art of anger management. When a girl crushed on me, I would take her on a walk and explain the importance of being crush-free. My God I was emotionally stupid. 

In SS2 and SS3 I became a little bit wise, but I became the head boy and had to play along with the school rules and so I couldn’t date. What am I saying I didn’t even know what dating was. Probably because of school and the fact that I only watched action films where nobody had time to fall in love. We had this chaplain that always spoke about what he called “boyfriending” and “girlfriending”. He would condemn it unequivocally on the altar.  Fortunately he was my SS3 English teacher and so he would tell us to ensure we got into good relationships in university so that there could be hope of marriage. Also it was in SS3 I first hugged a girl and it felt so weird. Well actually she hugged me. I didn’t hug any girl till after graduation. 😖 I actually did keep count of the first 10 girls I hugged. 

Upon entering university, Dotun Dairo, a friend of mine unknowingly gave me a crash course in girls and dating. I was so good that my first and only relationship lasted for two weeks. That was a year ago. Today I actually am a lot more emotionally smart and that is why I can write about my overwhelming stupidity. 

The thing is I understand my secondary school (not high school- SECONDARY SCHOOL) was a boarding school and had to adopt that stance to avoid having pregnancies and babie mamas. But I do not understand why we were brain washed. Why wouldn’t they just tell us the truth? It became weird for me to fit in and express myself because it felt and still sometimes feels like a crime. I am not talking about overt sexual behaviors or even gist but basic emotional skills like telling a girl you like her and stuff. 

And many schools do this and when students graduate they fall hook, line and sinker for the first guy or girl who know how to talk or shake it.

Anyway bottom line is my life has been saved by Thomson and his incessant gist about girls. (Abeg I am exaggerating and using style to mention my roommates name so he will keep advertising my blog). 

But seriously, my life has been saved. The only thing is FINDING A GIRLFRIEND…Lol.


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