“Lord Let Us Not Go Late To The Market

Emma had finished his sermon way too early sort of like a pastor with stage fright. Having realized he still had 30 minutes before floor devotions were actually supposed to end he opened the floor for anyone who wanted to share a word. I jokingly indicated that Peter had something to say, and being the outgoing boy that he is, he stepped up to the plate. Peter spoke, I spoke after him, Dotun spoke after me and Emma spoke again. Emma decided to bring the devotion to a close and he asked Chukwudi A.k.a “De Main” to officiate the closing prayer. I. Chukwudi in his gregariousnesses said “

lord let us not go late to the market”

Immediately my eyes popped open. You see we had been discussing Worshipping God and somehow diverted to the importance of starting early in life. And chukuwdis improv discription of not going late to the market was his way of describing starting early in life.
I remember some years ago, My father told me that in life everyone must suffer to make it. At that point in my life I was too birdbrained to understand what he meant. But either way I wanted to do my own suffering immediately and I went about looking for opportunities to literarily suffer. It wasn’t untill I became older and more adept that I understood that the suffering my father had spoken about was due diligence.
See, everyone has their due diligence to pay, some more than others, and everyone’s own is  different. Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mrk Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio and any other achiever even 419ers and dubious politicians all paid theirs and most started earlier than others. It’s a law of the universe. So like Chukwudi I say “lord may we not go late to the market”.

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