The Divorce Lawyers Office

Never before in the history of the human race has the institution of family come under so much 

assailment and attack from both forces within and without the institution of family. It is not to say that these attacks have not existed throughout each epoch and eon, but the alarming rate at which families most especially marriages, which were once the backbone of social stability disintegrate is perplexing. 
I have often heard as I grew up and as I still grow up that “we are the future leaders”. I stutter to speak my mind concerning my fears of this generation- my generation. You see 70% of children all over the world are born into socially unacceptable families. By this I mean, out of wedlock, single parents and even unfortunate cases when the mother dies at birth. I was morbid wit fear when I learnt that 10% of black children born in America are born into actual families. That is only 1 in 10 black children has both a father and mother who are alive and well and still together.
I would have loved to tell you the statistics in Africa, but you unfortunately know how our people are. Now there is the issue of gay adoption and my commonsense (not the Holy Ghost or deep meditation) tells me that if only male and female can procreate why would two males or two females be given the legal right to have children, why doesn’t the man have a womb to hold the baby or the woman have semen capable of fertilizing another woman’s egg? I fear to think of what would become of children from such backgrounds. 
I am not trading blame on any one, as a matter of fact, I take of my hat for any single parent who has raised any child or is raising a child. It’s difficult and it ought not to be so. Our men ought not to be dying in the prime of their lives, unable to see their children graduate, our women too ought not be able to be held up by the children they breast-fed because of death. Our men ought not to be irresponsibly working out and disappearing on the girl they impregnated, why didn’t you think of that when you were having sex!?! Our women ought not to be flushing the babies down the toilets, or strangling them at birth. GIVE THEM UP FOR ADOPTION IF YOU CANT TAKE CARE OF THEM! At least they have a better chance of survival. I know my words carry weight and controversy which I do not intend to debate or get into, I not intend to awaken you to the realization that all is not well in our Families.
I remember hearing the news that Kim Kardashian had divorced Chris Humprey after only 72 days of marriage citing irreconcilable differences and I ask my self, the dated for nearly a year, where did the irreconcilable differences suddenly appear from? Is this what we have burned marriage and family into? Trial and error? I am sad when I see or hear about people who have need divorced before and they enter into another marriage without sitting down to concretely highlight what was missing in the former marriage especially as their persons are concerned. Because at the divorce lawyers office, “it’s always their (he, she, in-laws or friends) fault.”
As a man you lost your job and you seat down in the house waiting for God to answer, yet you wonder why your wife has lost reepect for you? Or you boss your wife around because you have the money, but as soon as your wife gets that job, you wonder why your marriage suddenly turns into a co-habitation?
As a woman your husband is and has always been a hardworker but his cards are no longer aces,  so now you want to lord it over him because he is penniless? What happen to you when you had no money? You relegate him to the background and have usurped the authority to the extent the that your 5 year old son can write a book titled “How my Daddy became my Mummy”.  

One Reply to “The Divorce Lawyers Office”

  1. Soo unfortunate. Some people think by leaving their marriages and moving to another, things are going to change but if u don't know why you left your marriage in the first place, what makes you think the same thing won't happen again in the present one?…Let people also have in mind that if children are involved then the parents must find a way of helping themselves except abuse is involved too.


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