Road trip To KFC

Every academic session in Covenant University is characterized by many exciting and equally irksome activities. It didn’t take long to differentiate the fun activities from the centers of boredom. Though the activities occasionally differ, one of the most constant and eagerly anticipated is the excursion excersise. This year my department decided to send its 200 Level students to the South African embassy and National Museum in Lagos. Eventually we ended up at KFC. So how did that happen?
We set out around past 8 in the morning. We were expecting a call from the South African embassy informing us of their readiness to receive us. 
That call never came. 
We ought to have known that when you are told “we will get back to you” it’s actually a polite way of saying “go and die somewhere.” 
The lecturer who accompanied us suggested (actually demanded) we head to the Museum then from there we should proceed to The Palms shopping mall to relax. (Please don’t ask why broke university students would want to relax in a shopping mall, isn’t it obvious? We wanted to window shop!) 
After the curator religiously took us on a lackluster tour of the museum, we decided to restart the youthful rituals of taking selfies and other forms of pictures.  We were served refreshments ordered from a branch of a dying chain of fast food restaurants that most of us had never heard of before, although the food was definately worth every bite. 
As soon as the food was devoured by our hungry mouths, the number two fear of every young adult set in- boredom ( the number one being getting dumped). We were eagerly waiting for the drivers to take us for our window shopping rituals at The Palms but in a sudden mental spasm, the drivers insisted that they were not going anywhere besides CU. Suddenly someone had a bright Idea, KFC was just beside the museum.
We headed out of the buses in droves to KFC, both the broke and the rich and those with functional as well as dysfunctional ATM card’s. As for me, I was going for one thing only and that was to Enter KFC and gawk. 
I will not display my stupidity (since you don’t display yours) by telling you what I was thinking while my friends were buying bottled water and placing them inside the customized KFC nylon bags. Actually a lot of us did by the chicken and burger and all other things that sends Africans to toilet without apology. Eventually we arrived at school around 4pm which was a taboo on its own seeing that the whole point of the excursion is leaving school, comming back anytime past 7pm and shouting at the top of your lungs so that everyone can know you left school.
One thing though I want to add. The NIGERIAN National museum lagos, is beside KFC, an American company operating in Nigeria, yet KFC gets 10 times more traffic than the museum. This is not just because of the food. Especially when you think of the fact that the Museum had no light and none of the staff had the eureka kind of idea to put on the generator especially when there were actually people there! 

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